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Greetings Esteemed Visitors!

Welcome to this collection of photos and memories.

I was born in Manhattan, and moved to the Bronx around age 4; we lived in the same fifth-floor apartment in the East Bronx until I moved to California.

I have many fond memories of the Bronx and Manhattan, and regret not seeing more of areas such as the Village, or Little Italy. My New York interests include art, literature, architecture, and cinema. If I could meet and talk to just one famous New Yorker,  it would be Martin Scorsese!


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I lived in New York City until age 21.

I worked in Manhattan for a couple of years, first at a company called Media Records on 7th Avenue, right across the street from Madison Square Garden,

Then near Bowling Green, right across from Battery Park.The building had a great view of the harbor and Statue of Liberty.

Behind the Scenes of My Home Page

My father was a French waiter at the Carlyle Hotel on the upper East Side for many years. He had some interesting stories about the clientele. One guy wanted his meat so rare that he shouted "Blood, give me blood!"In lieu of cash, some customers would tip him with a watch or jewelry! He kept all his tip change in one drawer in the living room. It was like a treasure chest to a kid.

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