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This is the list of closed bars compiled from Bronx Board posts plus my own research.

FRENCH CHARLIE'S (the ever popular)
BLACK THORN (small place, 3119 Bainbridge in 2009)
KEAN’S RECOVERY ROOM, near Montefiore
VILLAGE PUB, mid 1990s, later DOD'S
The Derby Pub; the Green Isle Pub and the Irelands 32
-- all sat within 100 feet of each other on Bainbridge Avenue between East 206th and 207th Streets (1986).
Most of these on Fordham Rd, West of Jerome:
The Cabin
Little Colleen
12 Pins, mid-70s, 198th between Briggs and Valentine
Angies--but the official name was The Kingsbridge Lounge,  
      Kingsbridge ave @ bailey; became Cliffs of Mohr
Archway,  an Irish bar on Jerome Avenue near East Kingsbridge Road, still there in 1991
Armory Bar (alias "The Porch") Kingsbridge Rd
Beach Tavern, Beach & E. 177th, the Cross Bx Expy razed it
Becks, on St. Anns off 141st
Bennys bar 187th and 3rd ave
Beehive, Ogden Avenue, mid 60s to early 70s
BGs, Webster ave just north of Bedford Blvd.
Blarney Stone, Ogden Ave
Bon Ami
BRADLEY’s 1965
BUCKLEY’S 149th St. between Third and Brook
BULL N’ BUSH, just off the corner of Jerome avenue on
   Fordham's SW corner. Also CORNYNS Steakhouse on that  
       same side of the street.
Larry Carr's 149th St. between Third and Brook
Celtic, at Ellis
CHARACTERS 220 W. 242nd St. (Broadway)
Cottage Inn
Dillons, University Ave
Doughertys (Jack), 138th St and 3rd ave, the original before
       he moved to 140th/141st 3rd ave; beers were 10/15 cents
Downeys, 163rd & Morris Ave
Doyles, 1 at Westch. Sq, another on Morris Park (*)
Dreyers, between crosby and Edison, next to an A&P
Duffys Corner Bar on University Ave.and W. Tremont Ave.
Duffy's Tavern at 4063 Boston Road, near co-op city
Durty Nellys, kingsbridge rd?
E&G’S (an E&J Gun Hill Tavern is still around)
El Dorado under the Third Avenue El @ 188th Street
Fays on Williamsbridge
Fitzgeralds-Jerome Ave
Fleetwood, on 165th St.between Morris & College Ave (ice cream parlor next door) One door for bar, one for restaur. (had great pizza for .90/pie
Fordham Pub, on Jerome Ave south of Fordham
FRIENDSHIP CLUB, next to Bronx Theatre, near 149th?
GOAL POSTS 200 block w. 238th st. (very near J.C. Mac’s 222)
Pretty much the same setup as J.C. Macs but their trophy case contained mostly softball and football trophies instead of darts. They also had a pool table in the back and dartboards. A deer head hung on the wall The bar was the standard old beat-up wooden affair and there were non-working beer spigots, only bottled beers were available. They had a half dozen televisions showing sports. Aside from the Coors Light banners hanging form the overhang above the bar the primary decoration were the montages of customers hanging on the walls
GOLDEN ORCHID, Tremont & 3rd ave across from city hall,
GOLF CAFÉ  Gun Hill and Jerome, mid-60s
Paddy Goonans, E. Tremont near 45th precinct
HALF CROWN Bar, Pelham Bay, had a 718 area code
HALF CROWN Bar & Grill (1960s), Valentine ave..or else 233rd just off Jerome/Van Cortlandt Pk East
HARRY'S HUB, Fordham rd, between Decatur and Marion
Hennessy Headquarters 5824 Broadway (238th)
Higgins Bar and Grille, owned by dad of author Mary
         Higgins Clark who grew up near Pelham parkway
Hillman's was on the NW corner of Fordham and Jerome
Horse & Jockey across from the old Jewish Memorial
      Hospital (mid 60s to early 70s)
HUVANES @ 198th
"The Irish Center" 198th St between Briggs and Bainbridge
Irish Circle
Jackson's on Fordham Rd, w. of Jerome
Jimmy Ryan's, Crosby/Middletown (*)
JUG O’ PUNCH (*), on Fordham, near Jerome, across street from Fordham Pub
Keeper Hill
KERRIGAN & RAFTERY’S Going back to about 1959 this then became Raftery & Ward's NE side of  Jerome/200th , about 2-3 stores in, in Bedford Park (God bless Huey Ward), followed by O'Connor's (albeit very short lived), next was Delaney's (Austin, has since become very successful in midtown) and then Darby O' Gill's, Jerome & 200th (Patty Egan, formerly Rafferty & Wards) in
   late 60's; now Madden’s Bedford Pub
Killarney Rose on Webster Ave just S. of the corner of        
      Fordham Rd, across from Sears
Kingsbride Tavern
LAKES OF SLIGO; just barely inside the Bronx, just barely
   north of Spuyten Duyvel on w. 228th, the North River   
   passage and the site of the Revolutionary War’s Kings
   Bridge; late 1950s
Lantern Light on 194th St and Decatur Ave
Lansdowne, 6159 Broadway (251st St.)
LEPRECHAUN, WALDO AVE, riverdale, stille there?
Little Tavern, at 169th Street and Third Avenue
The Lodge. Jerome near Kingsbridge
Log Cabin, 149th & Eagle
Lyons Bar on Webster near 205th St. in August 1961
MAGUIRE’S (SAM), Burnside, off the Concourse
MANNION’S, Fordham rd & Loring Pl
McAleers, 176st off Jerome Ave
McAnns on 149th St. It was between Brook and Bergen;  
McChesneys, 204th
McDonaughs, on 194 between Marion & Bainbridge
 McMahon's on St. mary's St. and Jackson Avenue. 50s/60s
MCSHERRY’S, NE corner 138th & Alexander, early 70s
MR. G’s Bar and Grill on East 181st Street; a hangout for
     46th Precinct cops, whose station was across the street.
MR. MAGOO’S, gone? 
Monk's on Jackson at 144th or 145th St. 50s/60s
Murray's, Webster & 200th
Nicks, on 145th & Brook    
OAK BAR, Bainbridge section
OH JOY on W Fordham and Grand
O' Connell's (on Tremont for a long time)
O'MARA’S on Tremont closer to Webster
Otto’s, Jerome Ave
PARKSIDE INN (Charlie Cohen’s) on W Fordham and Univ.
Parkview Tavern, 2639 Jerome Avenue
Pick N' Shovel on Jerome one block north of Fordham (was
      it on Webster?)
POE COZY NOOK, near Poe Cottage, FO4-9276`
THE RAVEN, Webster ave
RED FOX, NE Tremont and Lyvere
REILLY’S, near W. 170th/Ogden?
The Rustic Inn, Webster & Gun Hill
Schacters, University Ave
THE SHAMROCK 156th and Melrose
SHANNON VIEW South Bronx near St. Luke's Church
Sheehan's West on 181st Street
Steak House, Riverdale Ave.During the early 60's, it was really a young people's bar, run quite respectfully by theowner, Mrs. Wrenn, affectionately known as "Mother Wrenn."
The Tenda Trap on morris park off eastchester road
TOOLAN’S between 225th and 228th on broadway
Topat's, Italian owners, 1948, NW corner of 140th/Willis ave
TRACK BAR, N. side of wmsbridge rd @ Eastchester, there over 100 years
Tree Top Cafe, an Irish bar in Norwood
UNIVERSITY PUB close to Burnside
WATERFALL, 1977, same owners as 12 PINS
WEE SMALL HOURS BAR on White Plains Road, 1950s
The Westbridge: between St Raymonds ave and silver st. hung out there for years when it
  was Fitzgeralds. On Williamsbridge Rd. and just south of Eastchester Rd. Mid to late 60s.
Widow's Walk (better known as Schroeder's) on 204th.
In or Near Parkchester
The two Daly's, the Park House and the Chester House were all inside Parkchester. The rest were on the immediate perimeter.
Airline Bar, hole in-the-wall on White Plains Road near Hugh Grant Circle just outside of
Chester House, inside P'chester
Healy's Pub, Hugh Grant Circle (lou) 90 cent mugs
Pot Belly Pub, 1970s, on Olmstead between Starling and Unionport
McAvoys, around corner from Palace theater (Guerlain St?)
McSherry's on Unionport rd across from St. Helena's 
Golden Note - next to the Palace movie on Unionport and Tremont - infrequently stopped in. Low-key place.
Park House - den of iniquity, serving minors. Proof was a library card. Always crowded. Gals and guys. Small narrow room step up from the bar that had music and foggy dancing.
Daly's/Manor House/Kenny's - on Tremont near St. Raymond's. Neighborhood joint frequented by parents and priests (well, some priests) and us offspring. Lasted from 1940 to 1980. Probably most famous Parkchester bar. Now a laundromat.
Daly's/Westwood - across from Macy's. Spectacular curved bar, sophisticated, always struck me as
Chester House - bar as part of bowling alley. Nice bar, big place. Nobody went there.
Cooney's/Henry's - cop hangout? Bullet holes in basement. down from the RKO was owned by Joe
   Valachi. They had a long shuffleboard
The Gander -St. Helena's guys hangout. Long, narrow
BLACKROCK,  on Tremont and St Ray's ave
Celtic, on Ellis
Dinnen's (or Lineen) next to Newbold
The Dolphin on Tremont, same side of the as Rota's, early 60s (lou)
Henry's at the sidestreet of Starling
Hurley's (now Doyle’s). on Tremont Avenue, south side, near the
      Eastchester Road intersection (lou)
Kelly’s, Havemeyer & Gleason
Kopper Kettle on Unionport Rd 25 cent beer $1 pitchers on tues nites
Park Castle, Castle Hill & Westchester
Shannon Bar,  Westchester ave @ Square
Unicorn (O'Leary's) at Haviland & Castle Hill (cross bx expy)
Rota's - from speakeasy to family steak joint - across from St. Raymond's on Tremont. Great food, crazy habitues at the bar. Tony Rota a legend.                
VINCENT’S; on Castle Hill Ave near the fireblocks from Westchester Ave
Zach's Casino (1990s), on Haviland & Havemeyer, later became Castle Harbor
From Westchester Ave & Square to Throgs Neck:
The Ballymote, Middletown Rd

Bluebird Tavern, in June67 a man entered with a 22 rifle and fired 8 shots, killing 1 man

   and wounding 2. He fled without a word.

Bob & Lee’s on Tremont, .25 beer in 1970

Danny’s (bowl)

FINNEGAN’S, corner of St. Peter’s and St. Raymond Ave. Don’t recall any sign
   outside. Owner John and brother
Five Corners, Westchester and Crosby
FOGGY BOTTOM; on Zerega is now a storefront church and the parking lot next door
  now has a 60 unit building stuffed in there
FRISBY TAVERN (formerly Interboro, late '30s) St. Peters Ave/Frisby Ave
PADDY GOONAN’S (E. TREMONT NEAR 45PCT.) Goonan's was on Bruckner Boulevard mid-block between the United Cigar on the corner of East Tremont Avenue and the firehouse
Stroll Inn
Charlie's Inn,  2711 Harding Ave (closed)
Silver Beach Tavern, 1
At 130 Westchester Square was The Three Corners. I frequented the place back in '63 - '64 when I attended Maritime College. At that time freshman students (called "mugs") were not allowed to frequent any bars East of Westchester Square, up East Tremont to Schuyler. The Three Corners was a real old fashioned bar with, and this no lie, a free "lunch" on Saturdays. Lunch was actually just cheese and crackers and small sandwiches. You'd usually get a buy-back after every third or fourth beer (.15 at the time)urned down and stayed closed)